Designer’s Road

I’ve said in my previous blog entries that I am the one designing some of my clothes and dresses. So some people asked me how? because according to some people’s knowledge I have no beats when it comes into drawing. Yes it’s true! I am just glad that my modista understood every detail that I let him sew. Going back to the story, I am putting into a segment of my own design clothes. And this is what I call, Designer’s road.. (because I am sobrang feeling fumafasyon designer)

P.S. this drawings are product of my ennui & my love to fashion arts! I am no professional designer. Β (just incase you wanna know :p)Β 


Please forgive the following drawing that you are about to see! Hahaha I am no good artist I swear everything that will be posted is just a product of my “OWN” creativity, let me define you what creativity means for me..

Let’s first start with something that I already had an ootd with!

Design: Aztec Dress
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI love Aztec and I’ve been looking for a cloth that goes with this type of dress! And the actual/ live material of my design that I’ve wore


design: Color Splash
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAthe drawing doesn’t seem to show a lot of details! But here is the live material of my design!
page3rd Design: Goes with this Red Dress. I’ve wore this a million times! kidding, I’ve wore this a lot and on Christmas eve but I am not blogging an outfit post of this since the product doesn’t have any sleeves. You heard it right. I returned this dress to my modista because the it lacked cloth when he was sewing this one so he didn’t anymore put sleeves into this dress but! I like it better with sleeves.. So here is the design muna.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a polka dress I’m sorry to to bother you with all those circles hahaha

2 of my designs are still pending! Meaning, it hasn’t been returned to me yet! Anyway this are my about to send design and about to style dresses! :)

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis one’s my favorite! pairing it with my Topshop skirt! :) I’ve been trying to style this type a few months ago! I still dont have any name to call the design can you suggest me one? :)

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAnother style! White top with scarf! Calling it a malling chic because I guess this one is the best outfit for malling! :)

The Yellow Fellow!
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe yellow dress with green belt.

And for my other favorite, my last design, Β I call it
Vogue Wars!
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERADone sharing and segmenting my designs! Next, I am going to wear all of it wahahaha! anyway, it takes a 10002462358 cups of courage to do and study something that you are not really good into! It is so good to style and detail your clothes! You may not be getting it at first, but Β remember there will always be a room for improvement! :)

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4 thoughts on “Designer’s Road

  1. I love your designs, it’s simple but elegant. Nag de-design din ako ng mga damit and I’m glad to find someone who has the same interest here in WP na kababayan ko rin :)

    Keep up the good work. And P.S. you can try learning fashion illustration, may mga free templates na pwede mong gamitin para di ka mahirapan sa pagdrawing.


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