Most days of April was spent by walking on streets while being kissed by the sun and hiding in the shadows of the big buildings. I was actually looking forward for this summer internship. notwithstanding the experience to work with auditors, I was thrilled to have the everyday morning walk as if you were working in NYC, with people rushing and going to work with their coffees and suits on. So here goes to my very first photo diary session.

Nothing feels second best than seeing the sunlight striking at skyscraper’s glass window (second best cause the first was definitely staring at the beach and looking at the sunset). I would always love to take photos, on the ground that I wouldn’t want to miss  the beauty of silhouettes or sun glares. As for my almost 3 weeks stay in my summer internship, I’ve come to conclusion that there’s more to life than just facing your laptop and cellphone’s screen. Take a good walk with a friend or go on a biking. After all it’s summer.


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