Style Weekend: The Fall Collection


Gone are the days of being completely deprive of strength and energy which prevented me from opening my blog. lt actually felt so good to take rest from everything even just for a while and so now, I am redeeming this blog of mine to finally put some progress to my numerous backlogs. Let’s first start from the blog post which I created almost two months ago. (yes that’s how logged I am). Since I don’t guarantee to take a new outfit of the day shots and blog it every now and then, I am putting the Style Weekend session where I will be going to post all the style essentials that I currently loving either it’s for summer, winter, spring or even just plain ordinary type of day. (because we basically only have 2 seasons here in mnl)

Apparently, the fall starts on September twenty-three and ends up on December twenty-one where winter begins. So before November ends, here’s my list of favorites in line with the Fall (Street style) collection.

Button Down Denim Skirt

The A-line denim skirt from 70s is back and is actually on track for today’s modern style staple with a twist of the classic A-line skirts. Just like the other denim skirts that you might have it’s versatility perfectly fits whatever weather in fall we may have. 

Suede Skirt
The beautiful tan color of the suede skirt perfectly represents the color of Fall. Neutrals and light color palettes add some sumptuous texture to your wardrobe. And just like the Denim, it has its own versatility too that can be paired with anything.

Turtle Necks
In terms of sartorial life turtle necks are considered a fall item, considering as a classic ensemble, they also have an ability to construct and give an edgy look. Perfectly matches the A-line skirts and you can channel you inner vogue-ish side.

The Culottes
Culottes are the knee-length trousers and is indeed a perfect substitute for jeans. Not only comfortable and easy to wear, but can vent a high-toned, upscale look that can also give a look of a loose round skirt. They can be worn for casual or even formal. Culottes can fit for the unpredictable weather of the fall season.

Any ideas for the fall season? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

-Paulinabirs x


City Grind

ugh2ggggA Black Petite Jersey Overlay Playsuit from Topshop/ HM Denim jacket / @huemanila sandals / Dovie from Sunnies Been quite captivated with playsuits lately while defaulting back to my favorite combination which is the black and denim. Loving everything in this , an easy staple you can dress up or keep pared back. Back to my own comfort which is more of subtle and muted mixtures at times when I don’t feel like being too much of an array (overdress) as I was out and about city scouting. These are the color layers I kept on going back to when I am in doubt. Play suits  also kept it meek and ethereal the fact it brings comfort merely, can be a perfect substitute to dresses. Any thoughts about playsuits? Wanna here them out!   xx Birs


HM cover up/ Lace top from Papers and Scissors/ HM Lace shorts/ Primadonna chunky shoes  

Spent the whole afternoon being nonchalant with lace and monochrome. It’s a good thing that thin cover-ups are invented, for it can still be used in case you don’t wanna show so much skin despite of the nerve-cracking heat. Keeping it cozy, I layered everything up with different texture. As for the first piece, we go for something knit. (This is not the kind of knit that seems to be used in narnia or some cold places in the world). Wear something that’s just good for cover up and at the same time won’t be acting like a see through. Days when I’m a little less aggressive, I plan to wear something loose instead of thight jeans and floppy skirt which makes it more comfortable to move same as this lace board shorts. Then there go laces which add different scale on the whole look making an ordinary cami cropped top special.


Topshop’s romper/ Shades from @citylifestylebytrix /White Sandals from Zara 

End of summer come back blog post as it is. Unpredictable scorcing heat and sudden rain make such rompers wearable these days. It’s actually one of the staples that rekindles both masculinity and daintiness of one’s look. Second to dresses, rompers and jumpsuit are one of the good-to-go paraphernalia one can wear. At some point it may look humdrum or mundane but with the proper essentials,  playsuit can be a perfect style statement. I’m currently pairing it with a white cardigan. For all we know, cardigans can be worn any season of the year, it maybe winter, spring, summer or fall and as a fact nothing seems to be so stimulating than an all white look. Playsuits can be more appealing if paired with cover up. It adds a little extra in the look by adding another piece. Commonly, sandals can be its best pair however it will always depends on one’s style. If you feel like putting it on with kicks or boots then go. PS: Don’t forget to wear it with shades or hat to deal completely deal with the surrounding’s vibe. 🙂

Plain Jane

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset White polo from Mango/ Denim shorts from Bershka/ White sandals @Lafleur  This season comes with fresh light colors aside from hues. I think it’s best to have something that comes with light and nude touch barring the coachella, gypsy vibe everywhere. Basic and casual are preferably seen in spring or fall but you won’t be forever in the beach  this season (as much as we want to) so sums up, I picked the  less temperature color for a to-go clothing. Light colors such as white attract visible light rays such.  as the sun rays that make it look nice and floating (says physics). Though black is better for a scorching heat day (I will explain this theory soon) white-out gives a mental over haul over calmness especially paired with denim. It may seem to look like a mid 2000 rage but it never go out of style. What do you guys prefer this season? A little white and basi or more hues? 🙂 Comment your thoughts below! 🙂

Photodiary: 21 days of Summer in Ville


Most days of April was spent by walking on streets while being kissed by the sun and hiding in the shadows of the big buildings. I was actually looking forward for this summer internship. notwithstanding the experience to work with auditors, I was thrilled to have the everyday morning walk as if you were working in NYC, with people rushing and going to work with their coffees and suits on. So here goes to my very first photo diary session.

Nothing feels second best than seeing the sunlight striking at skyscraper’s glass window (second best cause the first was definitely staring at the beach and looking at the sunset). I would always love to take photos, on the ground that I wouldn’t want to miss  the beauty of silhouettes or sun glares. As for my almost 3 weeks stay in my summer internship, I’ve come to conclusion that there’s more to life than just facing your laptop and cellphone’s screen. Take a good walk with a friend or go on a biking. After all it’s summer.

Black Soleil

AAAAA ABD top from Trippy Swag / HM ripped pants / Sandals from Hue Manila

I’ve been emerging a new pants addiction but this time, leave it to something that is ripped. They are just my fave and its small ripped parts (I prefer little cuts compared to a totally distressed jeans) can just show an effortless chic look.  Checking on my list is the classy and mod off shoulder trend. It perfectly fits summer! It’s one of my obsession lately aside that it abides layers of knits for it already pulls of a dapper and dainty side. Rest assured to see this kind of look oftenly for this season,

La Fleur


floppy hat from SM department store/ Daisy dress from Cotton On / Jenny Mandals from HueManila 

Changing the game because we’re actually already in the line between summer and fall that triggered me to wear floppy hats these past days. Naming this blog post as “La Fleur” which is actually the french translation of “The Flower”. I think the photos speak for itself why is it named “La Fleur”. The heat is striking at its best, which gives me an idea to pick a cami-sunny-dress. Aside from beating the scorching heat, it never fails to be a perfect style savior. Just don’t forget to put your favorite ensembles such as floppy hats/shades or whatever you think that would definitely match the weather and your look. What are your ideas for your fall going summer outfits? 🙂

Slouchy on a Laid back day

cccaaaa bbb F21 denim jacket/ Zara jogger jeans/  

After being an MIA for almost four months, I’m finally back on track. The demand of school’s work loads that I’ve been through is no joke. Taking a bit of my summer break goes to the jogger jeans trend! I’ve been saving this blog post for a month. Something laid back sophistication, not necessarily your workout paraphernalia and definitely not your usual jeans, that’s actually how I felt about this rage. So shabby to wear when you’re out and about. Since it was an upgrade of sweatpants, I can see both of its corporate and casual side. They’re not just actually for beyonce-booty-kind-of-level lol. They’re a savvy weekend warrior style option that can be perfectly worn with anything same as your denim jeans! What do you think about this trend? yay or nay? (comment your thought below! would love to hear them) 🙂

5 Things: The Trend and Rage before new year.

Title10818022_391653747657749_1845840808_n   2015 is definitely fast approaching. New year, new trend. But before we all embrace the coming rages for next year, I listed 5 different pieces that I think made a hit this year and will continue to be an oomph for the coming next year. These are the trends that I ponder to be essential and relentless in style. 1) Chunky Sandals/Mandals Because not all of us can stroll and walk around with heels on, chunky sandals are perfect for a cozy walk. Its versatility can be paired with definitely any kind of style. 2) Knit/Pullover Sweater Who doesn’t love knit and pullover? Aside from it’s tumblr-ish look, they come in variety of style, length, neckline type, different colors and a lot more. It’s clothing just automatically drapes back into the body that gives a svelte look. 3) Kimono/Blazer There will always be a day when you are so lazy to find a top that suites your mood. This is the time you’re going to need kimono/blazer for your “grab-and-go” outfits! Not only it gives a sharp look but it can be on point as a cover up expecially in achieving a modest mien. 4) White Kicks Chucks are timelss classic. Imagine how it was reinvented for fashion from college P.E shoes? White kicks appears to be casual in every way. This is why it is on point for all the rage! 5) Ripped Jeans/Boyfriend Jeans There are some days where you try to be so feminine and there are some days where you just wanna wear your boyfriend jeans. Who will forget boyfriend jeans? It’s almost everywhere! From your old mom’s jeans to this cozy piece, undoubtedly, it’s a versatile piece What is your favorite trend for this year? 🙂 Comment and share them below and maybe we exchange some ideas!